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As we celebrate International Women's Day on March 8th, we are especially proud to highlight the wisdom, expertise, and resilience of the moms in our travel community. Their stories not only inspire but also empower families to embark on unforgettable journeys together, making memories that last a lifetime. From navigating airports with ease to uncovering hidden gems at family-friendly destinations, our moms share their insider tips to make your family adventures smoother and more enjoyable. Join us in honoring these incredible women as we unveil their insights and celebrate their invaluable contributions to family travel.

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Insider Tips For Families Niche Traveller
Travel Tips Mirjana Traveller

Mirjana, Travel Scout at The Niche Traveller and Mom to Mats (5)

TNT: Your most beautiful travel moment last year?

A short trip to Canaves Epitome on Santorini. A fantastic hotel that immediately put me into relaxation mode with its spectacular view of the endless shades of blue of the Aegean Sea. Away from the hustle and bustle of Oia, I watched the sunset at Epitome in a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere. I loved jumping straight out of bed into the private mini pool in front of my room and drinking my first coffee at the edge of the pool. The 53 suites and villas at Canaves Epitome are decorated in typical Cycladic style with modern design and natural materials. Individual details, such as handmade ceramics by a local artist, can be discovered in the rooms. At the Family and Friends Dinner in the Omnia Restaurant, I was delighted by the variety of flavors, next level Greek salad with tsalafouti cheese, fava and langoustines. For younger guests, the hotel offers an extensive program ranging from kids yoga and sculpting to a creative nature rally.

Your most valuable tip for travelling with kids?

My favourite tip is travel meal prep to prevent bad mood: always pack enough food and snacks. I prepare plenty of snacks for the journey - sandwiches, overnight oats, fruits and a few sweets and pancakes as a wild card. You never know how long the journey will take. I always have a simple dinner ready for the arrival. Quick pasta with tomato sauce and a good parmesan cheese always works. If there is no kitchen, I have cold dishes in my luggage for a cozy snack picnic with a bottle of wine to reward myself in the hotel room.

An accommodation that makes parents and kids happy?

The small gîtes at Domaine Les Petites Vaines in Luberon in the south of France. We explored all the markets in the region there with our then four-month-old son and cooked the best truffle pasta ever. The old farmhouse with vegetable garden, sheep pasture and pool was the perfect base, and we still dream of a Provençal life in the small village of Goult today. 

Your vacation no-go?

The gastronomic tourist trap. If possible, I look for restaurants before I go on vacation. My vacation no-go is definitely when you have to eat badly and expensively in touristy places. I'd rather have a baguette with olives on the beach.

Where to next?

South Tyrol is currently at the top of our travel agenda. I want to follow in the footsteps of my childhood and finally eat Schlutzkrapfen again, hike and breathe in the fresh mountain air. A stopover at the Parkhotel Mondschein in Bolzano is also on the agenda. Also on my travel bucket list: Villa Alma on Lake Wolfgangsee and Clemonte Hotel in Salzburg.

Travel Tips Kirsten Traveller

Kirsten, Travel Designer at The Niche Traveller and Mom of 3 children (14, 10 and 2 years old)

TNT: Your most beautiful travel moment last year?

Birthday safari in South Africa - the ranger knocked on our door at half past four in the morning, and while the sun rose over the ten thousand hectares of land of the Lalibela Game Reserve near Port Elizabeth and bathed everything in a magical light, we set off in the jeep to spot the Big 5. Breakfast break with hot coffee and cookies included.

Your most valuable tip for travelling with children?

Luckily, our children are easy to look after when we travel, which makes a lot of things easier. Covering the age range between 2 and 14 is the biggest challenge - just like balancing everything in a patchwork structure so that everyone gets as much closeness or space as they need. The be-all and end-all for us: two separate bedrooms. We also often split up the activities - the constellation varies. We have also switched to not always spending the entire vacation together. Sometimes the older ones only travel with their dad, sometimes my husband and I only travel with our little one. But the great thing is that the five of us make a good team. We call ourselves the "rainbow travel group" with a wink.

A hotel that makes parents and children happy?

I was on a business trip to the Grand Hotel Excelsior in Venice last spring and was absolutely thrilled. A real grand hotel right on the Lido, which comes across as a very casual beach resort. As a family, you are often faced with the choice: beach or city - here you simply have both! In the morning, wander through the narrow streets of Venice and soak up as much culture and history as possible. Then lie in the wonderful cabanas on the beach, dig in the sand and splash around. There is also a Kids Club for younger children. And at sunset, everyone meets up again on the wonderful terrace.

Your biggest travel experiment?

Our parental leave trip through Costa Rica, a sailing trip with seven children in 45 degree temperatures off the coast of Mallorca, my first all inclusive vacation in Greece. Conclusion: you always learn something new.

Your vacation no-go?

Planning your vacation too late and then opting for half-baked and, in case of doubt, too expensive solutions. Better to stay at home then!

Where are we going next?

We're heading to New York in May. City trips with children can be exhausting, but there is definitely something for everyone. We have a hotel on the Lower East Side and will conquer the city from there. If we have time, we'll make a detour to the Catskill Mountains to wind down after so much big city life and get to know the beautiful natural scenery of the state.

Travel Tips Kerstin Traveller

Kerstin, Founder of The Niche Traveller and Mom of four (9, 15, 15, 19)

TNT: Your most beautiful travel moment last year?

Without a doubt, it was our snorkelling excursion during our family getaway in the Maldives. Crystal-clear waters, 8-10 meters deep, we encountered breathtaking coral reefs, elegant trumpet fish, graceful stingrays, bustling schools of mackerel and even a majestic turtle - an experience etched in our memories forever. Our diving instructor, a marine biologist from Argentina, adeptly ensured the children´s comfort and safety, making the adventure truly unforgettable.

Your most valuable tip for travelling with children?

Preparation is key, along with minimizing wait times. Being naturally impatient, I dislike wasting precious moments. While waiting for luggage, someone usually heads to the car rental station. For short trips, we opt for hand luggage only. I capitalize on long car journeys for stopovers, discovering charming accommodations and destinations along the way - a strategy that has proven incredibly successful.

An accommodation that makes parents and children happy?

I recently stumbled upon the charmingly rustic Guarda Val in Graubünden, where they ingeniously cooked over an open fire, even in sub-zero temperatures. Equally remarkable was my experience at Praia do Canal on the Costa Vicentina. The journey to the hotel was filled with bumpy, almost nonexistent roads, leading us to doubt if we were on the right track. Yet, to our delight, we were! Praia do Canal is truly an insider gem for the adventurous - my two 15-year-old sons absolutely adored it. Additionally, Reschio, which we explored last Easter, left a lasting impression. This magnificent estate boasts splendid villas suitable for larger families, ideal for early summer and autumn escapes, especially for horse riding enthusiasts. Our tennis matches there were equally delightful. Plus, Reschio seamlessly pairs with a holiday in Rome or Tuscany.

Your holiday no-go?

When travelling companions are glued to digital devices or when selfie sticks dominate the scenery.

Where to next?

I'll be embarking on visits to new partner hotels over the next few months, refreshing my perspectives on several destinations. On the agenda: Sardinia, Allgäu, Andalusia.

Annelien Collage

Annelien, Travel Scout at The Niche Traveller, lives in Amsterdam with her partner and Golden Retriever Oliver

TNT: Your favourite travel moment last year?

My last year was one big, amazing travel moment. My partner and I had decided to move to Bali for a year, together with our dog, Oliver. We taught Oliver how to ride the scooter and explored the entire island and its surroundings with the three of us. Being immersed in the Balinese culture, the way of living and being exposed to constant beauty in nature, local towns traditions, it really was the most amazing experience. Being on this incredible journey together and sharing all these magical moments have made our little family tighter than ever.

Your most valuable tip for travelling with with a dog?

Always bring water along, and a ball. 

An accommodation that makes parents and the dog happy?

C-Hotel & Spa near Lake Como.

Your holiday no-go?

I'm allergic to big, impersonal all-in resorts. 

Where to next?

Ibiza! We have a wedding to attend in Denia (Spain), and will be making a detour to Ibiza before that. 

Anne Haladin Niche Traveller

Anne, Travel Scout at The Niche Traveller and Mom to Bruno, 2 years old

Your most beautiful travel moment last year?

A whole road trip: We flew to Bordeaux and then drove by car to Bilbao and back, with many incredibly beautiful stops along the way. Since my son doesn't enjoy car rides much, we planned the trip so that we only drove for about two hours during his nap time, and then we arrived at the next hotel, where we stayed for another 2 - 4 nights. It was a very relaxed way to see a lot of Southern France and Northern Spain. For example, we rediscovered Hossegor on the trip - a perfect place for a family vacation. The year before last, we spent part of our parental leave in Thailand - that was, of course, also a unique time.

Your most valuable tip for travelling with children?

In difficult situations - if possible - try not to lose your sense of humor. I also always have a small roll of colorful tape in my jacket pocket, no, not for the mouth, but to tape patterns and small pictures on any surfaces.

An accommodation that makes parents and children happy?

At the hotel Les Sources de Caudalie, every corner is truly elegant, the pool is beautiful, the food excellent, the spa is a highlight, and there is also a very nice playroom for children. Additionally, they have horses, geese, and goats, as well as a vegetable and herb garden to explore. Above all, the service is as unobtrusive as it is perfect. An example: My son and I are alone by the lake watching the ducks, and someone from the hotel comes with a cup of duck food and shows us how to feed the ducks so that they eat from our hands. We let the ducks peck corn from our hands and pet them for at least an hour.

Your vacation no-go?

I prefer to avoid long-haul flights with a toddler during the day.

Where to next?

To Bornholm with friends - six adults and five children, we do this kind of trip every year in a different location.

Travel Tips Tanja Traveller

Tanja, Online Marketing Expert at The Niche Traveller and Mom to a one-and-a-half-year-old son

TNT: Your most beautiful travel moment last year?

One particularly beautiful moment was when I had the chance to teach my son the word "sea" while we were exploring the stunning Mediterranean coast in Southern France. We journeyed through Switzerland to France and then back through Lyon and Luxembourg. Among our favorite spots were the charming town of Menton and the breathtaking Gorges du Verdon canyon with its turquoise waters in Provence. It's best to visit early to avoid crowds.

Your top tip for travelling with children?

I've found that maintaining flexibility and keeping expectations in check is crucial when traveling with young children. I encourage experimenting with different activities, as plans can always be adjusted as needed. And of course, having plenty of healthy snacks on hand is essential for maintaining good moods!

An accommodation that makes parents and children happy?

For us, our camper van has been a lifesaver. Given our busy daily lives, we cherish the opportunity to spend uninterrupted time together in a compact space. Additionally, we highly recommend the Liebe Sonne Hotel in Sölden for a winter getaway. Guests can enjoy exquisite cuisine, direct access to the ski slopes (thanks to the glacier with guaranteed snow!), and a welcoming atmosphere for children.

Your vacation no-go?

My absolute no-go is inadequate planning ahead of time, which can lead to wasted vacation time spent on last-minute decisions or organizations.

Where to next?

We are planning a trip to Italy. On the way we will drive through Piedmont, Liguria and Tuscany.

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