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What is The Niche Traveller?

The Niche Traveller is the first eco-conscious members-only travel club, offering expert family holiday advice, exclusive deals, insider guides and one-on-one trip planning. All our accommodation is hand-picked, which means we’ve stayed in each and every one of our featured properties, and know just which room, suite or villa will suit you and your family. Our experienced team works closely with our members to tailor-make every trip, ensuring a seamless travel experience, while our strong sustainable ethos makes sure every journey has purpose.

What sort of trips do you organise?

We specialise in family holidays in Europe, with a strong focus on authentic experiences, up-and-coming destinations and sustainable travel. We pride ourselves on only partnering with stylish, sustainable properties that share our values. As well as tailor-making family and multi-generational holidays, we also assist our members with their child-free trips, from weekends away with friends to solo spa holidays. If you’re interested in travelling further afield, please let us know; our network of experts spans the globe.

What is The Club by The Niche Traveller?

By becoming a member of The Club, you gain access to all our curated content, including in-depth hotel and villa reviews, and up-to-the-minute destination guides. Members also have access to a dedicated Travel Designer, who will plan your trip from start to finish, and be on hand throughout your journey. We offer two membership tiers tailored to how much you, as a family, travels.

What are the different membership tiers?

We have two memberships tiers, offering a range of services: our entry level tier membership is for CURIOUS ADVENTURERS, while the more comprehensive membership level, tier two, is for UNCOMPROMISING NOMADS.

How much does it cost to join?

Our entry-level (tier one) membership for CURIOUS ADVENTURERS costs €350 per year (incl. VAT), offering exclusive concierge services from Kerstin and her team for one trip, unlimited access to all of our content and additional benefits such as competitive rates from our partners, a special welcome gift and room upgrade depending on availability.

Our tier two membership, for UNCOMPROMISING NOMADS, costs €1,200 per year (incl. VAT), offering all of the above as well as unlimited concierge services, travel advice, tailor-made holiday planning and a full booking service from Kerstin and her team. Further benefits include a seasonal expert video consultation with Kerstin to discuss new travel destinations and personal travel plans, exclusive rates on properties and special offers you won't find anywhere else, plus curated family-friendly activities organised by us within the hotel or wider area.

What are the benefits of joining?

Becoming a member provides you with direct access to an experienced Travel Designer, who will customise your holiday from start to finish. As well as our one-on-one service, The Club provides a wealth of exclusive online information to help you plan, including in-depth accommodation reviews, expert destination guides and insider recommendations on authentic experiences. Our direct relationships with our hand-picked hotels, villas and resorts ensures the best rates as well as added extras such as VIP gifts and exclusive destination experiences. 

Why should I book through The Niche Traveller?

Consider us your best friend, but better travelled! We’ve travelled extensively with our own children and understand the requirements of family holidays, striving to offer the very best personalised advice. With new travel restrictions in mind, we carefully plan every trip and offer the best insider information, quite simply because we have visited the places we feature and know them inside-out.

We also offer the best rates as we only work directly with our property partners, and you can rest assured that your trip will be as sustainable as possible. We offset flights, travel by train when necessary and only partner with hotels and villas that adhere to sustainable practices.

The current Covid-19 situation of course means that the safety of our members and partners is always at the front of our minds.

How do you pick your properties?

Our founder Kerstin and her team of travel scouts, including travel journalists and local insiders, have visited every single property we feature. We travel with our children and ask their opinions, which provides us with a childs’-eye view (see our Niche Junior reviews) of every trip and ensures that both grownups and little ones are happy.

How do you pick your destinations?

We only feature destinations we know and love – those destinations we know will provide our discerning members with the very best travel experiences. Generally, they have to be off the beaten track but easily accessible, with plenty of authentic experiences that appeal to different ages, and featuring chic, stylish properties with a sustainable ethos. 

How do you pick your experiences?

We understand the challenges of travelling with children and only feature experiences that will both enrich a holiday and provide a genuinely fun time for all. We’ve tried and tested every experience we feature and know which ones to recommend to suit your particular family’s requirements and interests. 

Can you book flights?

Yes we can. Generally, however, we prefer to advise members on flights and leave the final booking to them. If you want us to book your flights for you, there is an additional charge of €150 per family/group booking.

Do I have to book every aspect of my trip with you?

No, absolutely not. We offer our advice and can connect you with the best, but if you’d rather book yourself you are free to do so.

Who will help me with my travel planning?

Your designated Travel Designer will help you with every step of trip planning.

I need to amend my reservation or alter my dates – how do I do this? How do I cancel a booking?

We take care of all aspects of your trip. To change or cancel anything, you just need to contact us at membership@niche-traveller.com.

Can I make a booking for a relative or friend as part of my membership?

No, generally they will have to join the trip you are booking with us. We make a few exceptions; for example, for children travelling alone, or for members of your family travelling with your children but without you (such as with grandparents or another parent). However, our services are not transferable to your extended family and friends. 

What is your payment and cancellation policy?

Payments processed through our payment provider, Mollie. You can cancel the purchase of a membership subscription within 14 days of the time of the initial transaction and request a refund, even if you have already used the subscription. The amount of the refund may vary based on how long you've been using the service and may be reduced accordingly. 

How do I update my contact/payment details?

You can update your contact and payment details online. Simply log in to your personal dashboard and change your personal details. If you have any problems, please contact us on membership@niche-traveller.com.

Can I upgrade my membership before it expires, and if yes, do I pay the difference or will you cancel and refund the old membership and start a new one?

Yes, you can upgrade your membership from Tier 1 to Tier 2 and just pay the difference (€950). Your new membership will start on the day that you pay for your upgrade.

When does my membership begin? How long does it last?

Membership lasts one year, starting from the date you join and ending on the same date the following year (for example, if you join on July 1, 2021, this will last until July 1, 2022). 

Will my membership renew automatically?

Yes, if you don't cancel your membership it will renew automatically every year. If you want to cancel, we require notification by email at membership@niche-traveller.com eight weeks before the end of your one-year membership. 

Can I downgrade my membership?

Downgrading is not possible within one membership year. However, if you contact us within eight weeks of your membership’s renewal date, you can downgrade to the lower tier for the following year. 

I have found a lower rate on another website/hotel’s website – will you match the price?

If you find a lower price on another website, please let us know and we will try to match it. Our rates may occasionally be higher, but this is because other websites do not offer VIP amenities, destination help and insider advice on particular properties.

I have a complaint. Who do I contact?

Your opinion is very important for us. Please contact our team at membership@niche-traveller.com

I want to book a hotel not listed on your website. Can you do this for me?

Of course, please just let us know.

Do I automatically get travel insurance if I book through you?

No. You don't automatically get travel insurance when you book through us. We are, however, happy to offer advice on travel insurance policies and companies.

Does travel cancellation insurance make sense during COVID-19?

Travel cancellation insurance is always a good idea, but be aware that a warning from the Federal Foreign office is not an insured event. 

Travel cancellation insurance will only protect you if you need to cancel your trip due to unexpected and serious illness. Fear of falling ill is not an insured event.

My trip has been disrupted because of new COVID-19 measures which weren’t in place when I arrived in the country. Will you help us return back home? Will you cover any additional costs incurred?

Travelling in times of COVID-19 is complicated, but we will do our utmost to advise you before you start travelling. During your travels, we are always there for you and will do our best to get you home safely. However, we are unable to cover the costs for that. 

If you don't see your question, contact us on membership@niche-traveller.com

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