What's unique about Comporta?

The atmosphere in a single sentence: I’ve got all the designer sandals, but barefoot is the best way to be. Comporta is an incomparable place with a very special energy. Surrounded by the protected river delta of the Sado, its lush green rice fields, the gentle pine and cork oaks of the Alentejo, and the endless beach on the rough Atlantic Ocean, the area around the remote coastal villages of Comporta, Carrasqueira and Carvalhal resembles a long-forgotten paradise. Only a single hour’s drive away from Portugal’s capital, Lisbon, this untamed area is becoming a hotspot for travelers seeking something special. Those who travel to Comporta mustn’t prove anything to anyone, which creates a pleasantly unpretentious atmosphere. Read our full Comporta story to get in-depth insights into the area.

What to do in Comporta?

Doing nothing is best in Comporta, because there are so few distractions. In early summer you can meditate to the clattering sound of storks, and walk for hours in complete solitude through rice fields, dunes and beach. And if you’re wanting more, a variety of activities await: surfing in Carvalhal or stand-up paddling in Melides Lagoon with Surf in Comporta. A beach ride with the beautiful horses from Cavalos na Areia (and yes, it´s Madonna´s preferred stable) or a yoga session at nearby Comporta Yoga Shala. A catamaran tour from Troja to dolphin-watch with Vertigem Azul. Golfing in Troia (the golf course in Comporta isn’t open yet). A trip to the historic port of Cais Palafitico in Carrasqueira, or simply shopping in Comporta. There’s a lot to explore and discover, and you often feel like someone has turned back the clock. Comporta is full of historic glamour, compelling and enjoyable at the same time. Check out our INSIDER GUIDE for more info.

Where to stay?

Beyond the abundance of incredible landscapes, offerings for visitors to Comporta are still quite limited. This certainly applies to accommodation possibilities. There are, to date, only two five star hotels, the wellness boutique hotel Quinta da Comporta and Sublime Comporta. Most visitors rent reed-covered cabanas like for example beautiful Casas na Areia, built in the style of old fishermen’s huts.  Larger families would want to rent a proper holiday home. Beyond that there are only a few quaint Bed & Breakfasts. Check out our hand-picked list of holiday homes in the Comporta section under hotels & holdiay homes

Getting there?

The best way is to fly into Lisbon and then either take a taxi or rent a car at the airport. The Sublime Comporta offers a shuttle from the airport for a fee. You could also take the train to Grandola and continue from there by taxi. However, a rental car is highly recommended, since there are only a few local taxis and most of the routes are too long to walk or cycle. Depending on the season, the prices of car rentals vary greatly. In the off season it is significantly cheaper. You should always rent the car straight off at the airport. It’s important to choose full-coverage insurance, since many streets in and around Comporta are unpaved. Absolutely opt for the Toll Pass Service so that you can bypass the irritating toll on the highway, and can go through tollbooths without stopping.


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Our illustrated map offers a unique overview of Comporta and the surrounding area
Map of Comporta Portugal