Reisen In Deutschland Mit Kindern Usedom


53°56'N 14°5'E

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Reisen In Deutschland Usedom Heringsdorf


53°56'N 14°5'E

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Reisen In Deutschland Usedom


53°56'N 14°5'E

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Why Usedom?

Split between Germany and Poland, Usedom was historically one of northern Europe’s most stylish holiday spots, attracting Hollywood stars along with the great and the good from Berlin and elsewhere. Today, that faded glamour is irresistible, with beautiful old villas surrounded by lush gardens, and grand hotels overlooking the elegant promenade. The long, white-sand beaches, meanwhile, are dotted with traditional wicker chairs and look onto fine, historic piers pointing out into the ocean.  

Why is Usedom perfect for families?

The beaches are the main draw, offering endless white-sand expanses to explore. Days can happily be spent pottering along the promenade, while more adventurous families will enjoy heading out on the waves in White Dune, a traditional sailboat, or an island nature tour with Rudi Dargel, or even at a fun photography workshop with Henry Böhm. Don’t miss the Ahlbeck pier, dating back to 1898, with a restaurant and 280-metre-long footpridge piercing into the ocean. For rainy days, the Chapeau Rouge theatre at the beach in Heringsdorf offers several performances throughout the day.

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Kerstin Bognar

Kerstin Bognár

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