Kerstin Bognár from the Niche Traveller.


We know all about travelling with children. Our founder Kerstin Bognár’s own energetic entourage of kids means she’s done it all: road trips with baby twins, beach breaks with teenagers, and mammoth, multi-generational adventures. A successful family holiday, she discovered, always boils down to the same thing: a fabulous property, brilliant facilities for different ages, and a local’s knowledge on a destination.

That’s why she founded The Niche Traveller in 2018. She’d spent many years travelling the globe as a journalist, working for ELLE, Grazia and as editor-in-chief of Houzz. But travelling with children was different. And one thing was for sure: a fly-and-flop holiday wasn’t going to cut it.

Kerstin created the framework for crafting the perfect family holiday: seeking out new up-and-coming destinations, personally visiting every property, and working closely with local insiders. Today, her team curates stylish, authentic and sustainable experiences for curious families. Just like hers.


Design and technology team

Interior designer and Skandi-obsessed Judith is a bundle of energy – she races bikes, is an avid skier and loves exploring Europe in a campervan with her husband and two children. Judith has been part of The Niche Traveller since the very start, and her passions are travel, design and programming.
Top travel experience: “I love spending my skiing holidays at the Arlberg in Austria. I’ve been going there since I was a child and it’s the perfect spot for relaxing and enjoying some downtime.”

Travel scout and Crete expert

Mareile spent a good chunk of her journalistic career travelling to remote corners of the world, and now writes for The Niche Traveller as well as being the Editor-in-chief of sustainable lifestyle magazine, SLOW. Mareile has two daughters, and her first yoga and coaching retreat is launching this autumn in her beloved second home, Pitsidia, Crete.
Top travel experience: “Taking my daughter Mia on a horseback safari in Tanzania was definitely an adventure I will never forget.”

Travel scout

Estelle lives in Paris, where she gets to discover new and enchanting places as a travel and lifestyle journalist for Stern, Zeit Magazin, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Gala and Lufthansa Magazin, to name a few. She has three young children, which means travelling as a family can at times be a challenge – but it’s a challenge she relishes.
Top travel experience: “We are currently travelling in the US for three month as a family of five. Planning the trip wasn’t easy, but it is an unforgettable experience that is bringing us closer together.”

Online marketing team

Friederica has always travelled, having grown up in the USA, Switzerland and Germany. She now lives in Hamburg and specialises in online marketing, but is as passionate as ever about exploring new places and discovering different cultures – and has a serious weakness for local food.
Top travel experience: “I travelled the world with my brother, which was the best adventure we ever had. It is amazingly liberating to only have one big backpack for six months.”

Travel scout and Andros expert

Tatiana has been travelling the world as a journalist since 1996. She developed the famous interior magazine Deco Home as editor-in-chief, and now writes for The Niche Traveller and numerous publications. She lives with her family to the south of Munich, and when not travelling the world you’ll find her hiking in the mountains and swimming in Lake Starnberg.
Top travel experience: “I can’t get enough of the Greek island of Andros and its capital, Chora. The smell of fresh herbs and the brilliant colors are just magical.”

Travel scout and photographer

Özlem works as a freelance photographer and picture editor for numerous magazines. With her special gift for helping people to be themselves in front of the camera, she excels at both travel photographs and portraits of people. Özlem is addicted to travelling, and often takes her French bulldog, Gizmo, on the road – although he can be quite demanding.
Top travel experience: “I love the Amalfi Coast in Italy for its retro charm, and California for the relaxed, sun-washed lifestyle.”

Travel scout

Alexandra is a travel and lifestyle journalist and broadcaster based in London. She is also a judge on a cooking show on German primetime TV, and often travels for her work. Her most frequent trips now are with her young family, writing for The Niche Traveller and numerous publications on family-friendly destinations that allow her to fulfil her love of exploring.
Top travel experience: “Our five-week honeymoon in Southeast Asia was a unique experience, especially because I was pregnant at the time.”

Design team

Wita’s passion is the point where culture, language, food and design intersect. She works as a freelance designer for The Niche Traveller and is based in Hamburg. Just recently she launched her own design studio where she combines her experience as a print and web designer.
Top travel experience: “My first big adventure was at the age of five, when I moved with my family some 5,000 km from Central Asia to Northern Germany.”

Creative director

Daniel loves design – you’ll usually find him art directing for publications including GQ, Sueddeutsche Zeitung Magazin and Globetrotter Magazin. For The Niche Traveller, he’s gone back to his roots, applying his skills to creating our logo and website. Design aside, Daniel is a travel enthusiast with a firm belief that “no two holidays are the same, so let’s keep discovering new places”.

Top travel experience: “Travelling with my teenage children to cities like Vienna, Rome and Bilbao and seeing everything through their eyes. It’s like re-discovering these cities and their old charm.”

Travel scout and Romania expert

Alexandra is passionate about sustainable tourism and is always on the look for new family destinations that combine nature, tranquility and authenticity.
She grew up in Transylvania and is now living along with her husband and their two boys in Austria, where she is attending a master’s program in Environmental Economics. She loves weekend mornings and taking photos of her kids and confesses being addicted to interior design.
Top travel experience: “Six years ago, we spent two amazing weeks on a small village island in the Maldives, where we were the only tourists. The locally run guesthouse arranged to take us every day on our private little island, where the only inhabitants were a few thousand crabs. It felt like paradise.”

Travel scouts

Berlin-born Mirjana has written for blogs and online magazines including Flair and Grazia. Today she lives with her husband Philipp in Hamburg and works for the German fashion brand Closed as a social media content manager. At present she is on maternity leave and loving her travels with her young son and husband. Philipp works as both creative director and artistic director for several print magazines and is also a professional photographer. Together the husband-wife duo are always on the hunt for new restaurants, authentic spots in far places, and handmade ceramics.
Top travel experience: Mirjana: “I am the happiest version of myself, when I have sea salt in my hair, sand under my feet and a glass of rosé in my hand.” Philipp: “The most unforgettable was a vacation with friends in a little stone house with no electricity on Ibiza. Other favorites are family trips to South Tirol and the first trip with our son to Provence.”