Sublime Comporta

Comporta`s laid-back luxury hotel

Nestled in a pine forest between Carvalhal and Muda, Sublime Comporta is the first and only hotel on the square since it opened its doors in April 2014. Architects José Alberto Charrua and Miguel Cancio Martins raised the distinctive, easy-going cabana style of the area to an international level through the construction of the new main building, which includes the reception area as well as the restaurant Sem Porta.

When you spend your holiday in a luxury hotel, which memories remain long after you’ve handed in your key? The first-class service? The chic spa? The architecture? I’ve been a guest of the Sublime Comporta a number of times. I’ve stayed in various rooms, on some occasions with children and others by myself. The things that stay with me can’t be booked or paid for, they just happen. The truly special thing about this luxury hotel is that it allows for experiences which could leave a guest either with positive memories, or less positive ones. For me, this is a luxury that I cherish, because this degree of openness is becoming increasingly rare. The first experience I had, on an April morning directly after my arrival, was an intense staring contest with a wild boar who was standing in front of my terrace and obviously just as surprised by my presence as I was by his. I remember the sparkling and crackling when I sat with my children after dinner at the large fire pit right behind the pool. They never tired of throwing one log after another into the brazier. And how every night they let themselves be chauffeured in the golf cart to our room by the same young lady from reception, because only she made a game of each ride (who will manage to not be flung out?) in which she hopped the little electric car over each bump on the unpaved hotel path.

But most of all I remember a walk that the hotel owner Goncalo Pessoa and his communications director Teresa Barros recommended to me, which led me through natural beauty unlike any I’d ever seen. Only a few kilometers behind the 17 hectare hotel estate, you reach a kind of lowland with lush green meadows (at least in April) and a lake that nestles quietly and almost invisibly in the plane. It’s a placid place, home to birds and insects that are rarely seen or heard elsewhere.

But back to the Sublime Comporta: in addition to a spa that leaves nothing to be desired with a gym, steam room, mini-sauna, indoor pool, outdoor shower and various treatment rooms, there’s a tennis court and daily yoga classes in summer. There’s even an organic garden where more than 300 edible plants can be found and a total of three different restaurants (Sem Porta, Food Circle and Com Brasa). Breakfast is served daily at Sem Porta and is an incomparable experience. And although the Sublime has continually evolved and expanded since its opening, it has retained its original charm. It is a unique place to return to again and again.  If only for a romantic dinner or a boisterous evening with friends, each stay here will be remembered.

WORDS: Kerstin Bognár
PHOTOS: Nelson Garrido
Good to know

Hotel restaurants are open to the public. The spa and tennis courts are available to non-guests upon request. There is a separate kids’ pool (perfect for toddlers) and in high season there is a children’s playroom with evening activities. The new 3, 4 and 5 bedroom villas are perfect for large families and offer a great deal of privacy. The hotel offers the only pick-up service from Lisbon Airport.

Location & Booking Details


About an hour south of Lisbon on the road from Carvalhal to Muda. A total of 14 rooms and suites as well as assorted new 2, 3, 4, and 5 bedroom cabana-villas. Prices run from about 225 euros (in low season). For more information and bookings please contact us directly.

Perfect for …

Guests seeking perfection with simplicity. First class service without sacrificing privacy. Ideal for a romantic getaway for two, especially in the off season. In any season, ideal for families who truly appreciate comfort and want to be well taken care of.